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Summer Training w/ RNR

This summer, Red Nose Remedy is doing something we've never done before: we are offering a series of 3 pop-up workshops at Sweet Action Theatre in Toronto.

Each of the workshops will focus on a different aspect of theatrical clown training (that can easily be translated into the therapeutic clowning setting). The idea is to provide an arena for us to sharpen our tools and remember what we carry in our pockets and, therefore, onto the stage.

Each workshop is open to all levels of clowning, from beginners to seasoned pros. Each workshop is standalone although tools learned in one can easily be brought along to the others.

They happen on the second Monday from June to August. The first workshop is:

Soft Skills for the Clown

In this workshop we will train the technique of the clown. Clown technique often seems invisible, or hidden, but there are very specific storytelling and physical skills the clown employs, gently and naturally. This workshop will focus on drilling these skills, giving each participant ample time observing and being observed.

This 3-hour workshop is open to all. It will be firmly rooted in the world of theatrical red-nose clown.


June 10th, 6:30-9:30pm

@ Sweet Action Theatre

The second workshop is:

Emotional Hygiene (for the clown)

No, this isn’t therapy. One of the clown’s main tools is their elastic control over emotion and ability to share it with others. In this workshop we will focus on our emotional shapes, i.e. the gestures of our emotions, while playing with levels of intensity. Let’s ring out the damp towel of our emotions together. Through gameplay. Again, not therapy. Also not “method” so please don’t traumatize yourself here. We’ll work from an outside-in approach.

This 3-hour workshop is open to all. A basis of clown is helpful but not necessary. This work will be firmly rooted in the world of theatrical red nose clown but has wide ranging application.


July 8th, 6:30-9:30pm

@ Sweet Action Theatre

The third workshop is:

Simplicity & the Mundane

Being simple is hard. Especially as adults. We have so many interests. We have so many offers. We have SO MUCH TO SAY. The clown, on the other hand, thrives in simplicity. Slowness. One thing at a time. In this workshop we’ll focus on the mundane: mundane objects, mundane events, mundane stories. It’s gonna be so interesting.

This 3-hour workshop is open to all, especially those who are scared of silence and stillness. No prior clown experience necessary.


August 12th, 6:30-9:30pm

@ Sweet Action Theatre

Much of the money raised from these workshops will go towards funding RNR's programming. Feel free to reach out if you want to learn more!


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