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"They lift my spirits!" –Jacinta Davidson, RN
"They pick up on those subtle moments of engagement. I think it's a way of reaching a population of people that are hard to reach."
-Katherine Baldwin, manager of Recreation and Creative Arts Therapies, Veterans Centre
 "I don’t know what I’d do if you two weren’t here." -Mr P,  Veterans Centre resident
"It’s inspiring to see spontaneous laughing, singing and playfulness." 
Leslie Stephens, Recreation Therapist, Veterans Centre
"They’re very funny—hilarious. I’m very depressed-my wife died of cancer about a year ago. They clowns have helped and they make me feel better." -Mr J, Veterans Centre resident
"I just love it—I get so excited! Knowing the kids are entertained and happy makes me happy too!"

-Shenika Wilson, RSW, Safehaven

"Kids love it—they don’t want to miss the clowns! We know that something great is happening---it’s beneficial and gives us more time for us to plan and for them to be active." –Tinesha Anglin, RSW, Safehaven

"I'm going to follow you guys wherever you go!" -client, 11 yrs old. Safehaven

"This was an engaging, energetic program. I would definitely support an ongoing program like this in the future."

Jonelle Santana, REENA