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Therapeutic Clown Training


As we envision the future of Red Nose Remedy, we are eager to offer artistic clown training to those who have expressed interest in one day joining our team as a professional Therapeutic Clown Practitioner. 

If you are interested in becoming a Therapeutic Clown Practitioner, the first step is learning the art of clown: about 40 hours of instruction is recommended with a master or well-recognized clown teacher. A candidate can then move onto training in the Therapeutic Clowning world which involves many hours of artistic training, Infection Prevention and Control,  the medical world, self-care and partnership.


Join us for a summer of training! We are hosting 3 pop-up workshops @ Sweet Action Theatre every 2nd Monday from June to August. Click the images below, or read our blog post, to find more info about the courses & how to register.

Roseneath Theatre BIPOC Training Fund

Thanks for everyone who shared their interest in the BIPOC-oriented training fund we received from Roseneath Theatre. We've met so many interesting people and hope to continue this relationship as we begin to make moves into bringing on a couple new apprentices. Stay tuned for more updates!

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