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Red Nose Remedy

Joyous connection through the art of Clown.

our mission:

We provide therapeutic clowning to people accessing health care or community services in Ontario. Our clowns bring laughter, lightness, and joy, treating all with compassion and respect. 

Red Nose Remedy is a not-for-profit organization that maintains international professional standards as identified by the North American Federation of Healthcare Clowning Organizations. We foster artistic excellence amongst our clowns through training and ongoing professional development to ensure the best possible experience with our clown interactions. 

our vision:

We envision a world in which all people in community facilities experiences joy, laughter and individual dignity. We seek to cultivate wellness and authentic human connections, one red-nosed encounter at a time. 

our values:

Compassion - We seek human connections in our work and honour individual personhood with care and kindness, and in playful collaboration.

Authenticity - We seek to connect in the moment through humour, creativity, imagination, curiosity and possibility. 

Inclusion - We embrace all forms of diversity and aim to support equity, accessibility, and human dignity in everything we do.

Integrity - We are rigorous about our work, adhere to NAFHCO international standards and engage in reflective practice.

Our values make us strong, wise and open-hearted.

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