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Acknowledging the loss of Helen Donnelly

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We want to acknowledge the loss of our teacher, mentor, supporter, founder of Red Nose Remedy and friend, Helen Donnelly on January 6th, 2022.

Our hearts ache.
But our work continues on.


There have been many tributes shared over social media, including from colleagues all across the globe. We feel honoured to be part of such a caring community. We at Red Nose Remedy have come together to share stories and collectively grieve while upholding her teachings and the mission of this organization. 


Helen dreamed of training a new generation of therapeutic clowns and elevating the practice in Canada to global standards. Honouring her passion, dedication, and integrity in keeping with established best practices remains at the heart of Red Nose Remedy. 

We continue to serve our clients, multiple times a week, as we navigate this moment of transition. 


Thank you for everything, Helen.

Red Nose Remedy has gone virtual!

In keeping with these COVID times, we have transitioned our services temporarily to 'Virtual Visits'.

What does this mean? You still get two clowns who visit with every client, but we are using devices such as IPads to connect clowns to client. We are thrilled to report this service is still working its magic: our clients and their caregivers are relieved to still access our unique brand of humour, lightness and joy at a time when many are struggling with loneliness and boredom.


If you would like to learn more about this unique service, please contact us at 

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